Thursday, September 10, 2009

EXHIBITING GALLERY: St. Louis Artists' Guild
TITLE OF SHOW: Couture Threads of Democracy
OPENING DATE AND CLOSING DATE: September 20th, 2009- November 7th, 2009
CURATOR: Nina Ganci of SKIF International
The designers selected for the show have maintained a reverence to reality throughout their fashion career. Their personal work stretches the conceptual boundaries of beauty, culture... and politics.

I appreciate that each designer has remained true to their ideal style . All of them work here in the United States and have significantly contributed to the evolution of our artistic vision.

The pieces in the show reflect our culture, history and fashion. As a collection, it represents an expansion of our perception of fashion and opens up a space in the viewer's mind to see both - the style and the design's structure to fit the human form.

As designers, we're responsible for making our own choices and creating clothing for the people we know. With western wear, we've inherited our sense of dress - a grand responsibility for the way we look, work, and behave.

St. Louis Artists' Guild
Two Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Submitted by Artist: Loretta Warner

First Inspiration:
As a child, growing up in a big family, we used to get hand me downs from a family, no kidding, with the name “the Bumbs”. They were richer than us. Also, on many occasions, my mother dressed my sister and I (who is my Irish twin) alike, which I disliked even at a young age. I wanted to be me! I remember my father giving me my first Vogue magazine. The magazines were so big and beautiful, back then. I soon discovered Vogue patterns and scotch tape and newspaper. My first pieces were rather funny looking, but shortly, I was copying the beautiful pictures in the magazines!

Cherished possession:
I suppose if I could be buried with one possession it would be my sewing machine. My great industrial Singer machine sits by the window and never fails me, in the beautiful sewing jobs it does for me. Please see self-portrait, in which I took “Photoshop license” of changing Singer’s name to “Killer.”

To keep creative:
I walk early morning and often. I have a great mountain hike about a mile from my live-work studio, called Claremont Canyon. I like to shake the rocks out of my head - meaning, too much thinking does me no good! I leave my thoughts there, on that good, well traveled, dirt path, and then, am clear to create. It is about a mile walk each way to and from, and then a good zigzag hike, up to the top. Many people do it. The truth is, it kicks me in the buttocks every time–and I have been walking it 3 to 4 times a week for years! Please see picture, which is a view from the little bench at the top. Sometimes you can see the whole Bay Area, not always!

Source of my creativity:
I think that the source of my creativity is those moments when I am truly present to what I am doing, there. I am no longer myself. I am One, meaning I am you and you are me. Time doesn’t exist. Work is not work. Life is being. I am always surprised, too, by the results!

Did you chose or were you chosen to create art?
I think that everybody in the universe is chosen to create. As Saint Paul wrote to the people of Corinth “There are different gifts, but the same spirit; there are different ministries but the same Lord; there are different works but the same God who accomplishes all of them in everyone….” One can substitute the word “dog” for God. It makes no difference. The point is that I am here to use my gifts, as are you.

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