Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craft Alliance- Barbara Simon


Craft Alliance

6640 Delmar Bvld.

St. Louis, Missouri 63130


TITLE OF SHOW: Elements: The Art of Textile Collage

OPENING DATE AND CLOSING DATE: September 11th, 2009- October 25th, 2009

CURATOR: Barbara Simon

I am a textile artist,lecturer and curator of textile exhibits  After many years of working within the structured grid of the loom, I have found new freedom in the intuitive possibilities of textile & paper collage.

My inspiration comes from places and experiences that have touched me deeply and left an incredible mark.  I am attracted to the beauty of patterns found in nature, as well as the words and rhythms of poets.  I use collage to express my respect for the natural world and my interest in preservation.

I work in my studio on Sidney Street.  Sometime I begin a new piece with a preconceived idea, from a photo or remembered experience. Often  I start by making stacks of fabrics selected from my shelves by color and pattern, decide on the best combination and alter many of the pieces with surface design techniques.

To sir my creativity I take walks in places where there is a natural environment , visit museums and galleries and read poetry. Another source of inspiration is my collection of landscape photographs that I often print on or transfer to fabric. Music provides a satisfying background .

Barbara Simon- Curator and exhibiting artist -Elements,The Art of Textile Collage

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