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RAC- Lindsay Obermeyer

EXHIBITING GALLERY:  RAC- Regional Arts Commission

TITLE OF SHOW:  Sing the Body Electric

OPENING DATE AND CLOSING DATE:  September 11  October 11  2009



Three artists

Lindsay Obermeyer, Julia Karll, Jennifer Wilkey

RAC- Regional Arts Commission

6128 Delmar Bvld.

St. Louis, Missouri 63112


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Lindsay Obermeyer, artist


  • Apart from creating things, what do you do?

In the past few years I’ve become an Internet junky.  I admit to my geekhood! I write a blog called Serendipity ( and have since started a blog for my local community garden.    Teaching and the sharing of information is an integral part of my part of my art practice.  These days I teach outreach for several art centers and am the current visual arts researcher for the Chicago Artists Resource website which is affiliated with City of Chicago’s Dept. of Cultural Affairs.


  • What possession do you most cherish?


I’d be completely lost without my needlework case.  It holds the basic tools of my trade – scissors, tape measure, various needles, a thimble, stitch markers, etc.  The case itself is made of Cambodian silk, hand dyed and woven by landmine victims.  It reminds me of how fortunate I am.  The case and tools are all gifts from family and friends.  Each object contains a meaningful memory for me.


  • What is your ideal day in the studio? What is your agenda? What music do you listen to?


An ideal day in the studio is one without interruption. It begins with a review of my email, blog, Etsy and Facebook accounts.  I will spend an hour or two on correspondence and then head to my studio.  The center of my studio is in the basement of my home though I tend to knit in my living room and do dye work in the garden.  It’s convenient.  I can work in my pajamas if I want.  I don’t have a set agenda for working.  It depends on my exhibition schedule. 


As for music, well that’s easy, the blues!  Okay, I also listen to funk, acid jazz, big band jazz, old school rap, French bistro music, and yes, even disco - anything with a good beat. When knitting, I will more often switch to audiobooks.   There is something about knitting and story telling that goes hand in hand.


  • What is the source of your creativity? How much is from within? How much comes from outside sources?


The personal is political.  My life is the starting point.  I always do research.  The research can take several months before I hit saturation level, which is fine as I work on one series while researching the next.


I also find my design work launches new ideas.  I’m a project designer for Lark Books and have an Etsy shop.  I’m constantly experimenting with different materials.

  • What are your favorite materials to work with?


When knitting I prefer to work with wool or mohair.  I love the spring of wool and how it can be felted.  Mohair has a lovely “halo” effect when lit under gallery lights.  As for my beadwork, I prefer to use Czech seed beads, though I will use beads from Japan and other countries.  They are slightly quirkier than the precision perfection of the Japanese beads.  Any and all light- reflective materials entrance me, so I tend to use silk or silk velvet for the background of my bead embroideries.

Visit Lindsay's website at:

Or her website on her community based work, The Red Thread Project- which will be performed at the St. Louis Artists' Guild on September 27th, 2009 at 1:00 pm:

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