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University City Public Library-Deann Rubin

EXHIBITING GALLERY: THE GALLERY at the University City Public Library


OPENING DATE AND CLOSING DATE: September 4- September 29, 2009

EXHIBITING ARTIST: Deann Rubin- B.F.A. in Design from The University of Kansas, Lawrence

Two two-year certificates in Computer Graphics and Illustration

SHORT BYLINE/ DESCRIPTION OF SHOW: Graphic images in contemporary handwoven tapestry

THE GALLERY at the University City Public Library
University City Public Library
6701 Delmar Bvld
University City, Missouri 63130
Submitted by Artist: Deann Rubin
What is a typical day for you? What is your ideal day in the studio?
I am going to lump these two questions together because I do not have a typical day anymore.
I am finding out that the older I get, the less time I have and the greater demands on my time.

Both my typical and ideal day/night is getting up, taking a leisurely bath where I think about what
I plan to do that day, with my art, any other issues in my life. After my usual chores (emptying
waste cans, scooping the litter box, grooming my Persian cat Milo, putting away the dishes in the drainer),
I eat something while looking at the RFT, Time magazine, the newspaper or mail. Then I make any phone calls
that I need to. With my head clear of all that, I sit down to the loom to weave.

For the library show, I am weaving on my upright student tapestry loom which I often use for demonstrations.
I will weave all afternoon and all night. I get up every so often to stretch, go to the bathroom, get a drink,
get back and look at the piece from a distance. I take a break for dinner with my husband Michael. I weave
until 3, 5 or 6 in the morning.

What music do you listen to?
I wake up to NPR (90.7 radio) and have it on all morning. In the afternoon, I usually continue listening to NPR
but not always. In the evening, we have the television on. After, Mike goes to bed, I find movies I like or
a rerun of a favorite television show, such as: Mr. Brooks, CSI Miami, Cold Case, Die Hard,CNN. When I am on the
loom, I listen to the shows and occasionally look over to see the screen.

Please describe your creative process: how you create, when, where, with what materials…
My creative process varies but usually I find something, an image, that I respond to. I do many drawings/
sketches of the image with pen/pencil and paper or, I draw on the computer in Adobe Illustrator with the mouse.
I often refine the drawing improving lines or areas, illuminating what I do not like through the use of tracing paper
or new files. When I get a drawing I am satisfied with, I add color. On the computer, I might try many different
color ways. After I get exactly what works, I print. Then, I spend hours tuning the print color to match what I
had on the screen. On the computer, I do not use black to tone down a color, instead, I use the opposite color
on the color wheel.

Did you chose or were you chosen to create art?
I have always drawn and loved to draw. I do not remember not drawing. I have always been interested in design/style,
in clothing, cars, furniture, interiors, hair. I am constantly noticing texture, color, pattern and beautiful light
and shadows. And, I have always been drawn to textiles and responded to ceramics. I can not think of art in terms
of chosing or being chosen to create art. Art is just part of me, my essence. I think about art all the time. My ideas
are constant and lifetimes ahead of my actual produced works.

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