Friday, August 14, 2009

St. Louis Artists' Guild- Giang Pham

EXHIBITING GALLERY: St. Louis Artists' Guild
TITLE OF SHOW: Head to Toe: From the Funky to the Sublime
OPENING DATE AND CLOSING DATE: September 20th, 2009- November 7th, 2009
SHOW DESCRIPTION: A juried exhibition that will challenge the notion of functionality yet honor the tradition of wearable art. Work shown will range from head to toe, the Funky to the Sublime and the functional to the non-functional. All textile techniques are encouraged.

St. Louis Artists' Guild
Two Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Submitted by Artist: Giang Pham

What are some of the things you do to keep yourself creative?

Research is very important for my work. In that process of browsing through past and current issues, further studies on topics of interests, and seeking other’s reactions for comparison, I am charged with my own beliefs that would inspire my creativity. Looking at other’s work is also crucial. I may have an idea on how to approach a project, but looking at others as examples can push me in new directions.

What is the source of your creativity? How much is from within? How much comes from outside sources?

Creativity always comes from within. My creativity is a reaction to the outside world. The outside world may inspire or questions my beliefs. But the act of creativity is a personal force; it is borne when one starts establishing a stance to an issue, and wishes to either explore it further or voice the stance through the physical process. I look to the outside world for inspirations, but I’m not creative until I act on my beliefs.

How does your process of creating an art object begin?

My process starts with a belief—an idea. That idea goes through a process of deep refinement in the sketching process. I think about the materials that would best communicate the idea, the aesthetic of the materials and the form visualized, and other pertinent issues that can be added to provoke further dialogues. I believe ambiguity and paralleling symbolisms are important, and I refine those as the physical process evolves. The physical process looks simple; collect the materials and combine their parts for a more unified whole. But within this meditative state, there is continual refinement—in idea, in approach, in details—even toward the last touch.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

In the current theme of my work—social commentaries through stuffed animals, fiber is a very attractive medium. I like combining fiber with other materials. As materials are very important in the communication of an idea, combining pertinent materials together will allow for a more diverse voice.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?

I like to watch science fiction such as Stargate SG-1 and children’s animation. They provide a good rest on the serious business of everyday life and that intense scrutiny and labor in the creative process.

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