Thursday, August 20, 2009

St. Louis Artists' Guild- Nina Ganci

EXHIBITING GALLERY: St. Louis Artists' Guild
TITLE OF SHOW: Couture Threads of Democracy
OPENING DATE AND CLOSING DATE: September 20th, 2009- November 7th, 2009
CURATOR: Nina Ganci of SKIF International
The designers selected for the show have maintained a reverence to reality throughout their fashion career. Their personal work stretches the conceptual boundaries of beauty, culture... and politics.

I appreciate that each designer has remained true to their ideal style . All of them work here in the United States and have significantly contributed to the evolution of our artistic vision.

The pieces in the show reflect our culture, history and fashion. As a collection, it represents an expansion of our perception of fashion and opens up a space in the viewer's mind to see both - the style and the design's structure to fit the human form.

As designers, we're responsible for making our own choices and creating clothing for the people we know. With western wear, we've inherited our sense of dress - a grand responsibility for the way we look, work, and behave.

St. Louis Artists' Guild
Two Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Submitted by Curator: Nina Ganci
If I didn't work in fiber...
I'd work in METAL, because it is indestructible.

What is my next project?
SPRING 2010, now
St. Louis Fashion WEEK, in OCTOBER

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I create spaces for other ARTISTS to thrive.

What first inspired you to become an artist?
It's the only thing I could do.
nina's pick for cool videos:
Here is a link to the work of Robert Longyear- one of the designers presented in the exhibition Couture Threads of Democracy


  1. i am a hick from the sticks and need to escape from the dirt
    often -hence the trips to stl --i am in the top 1% of entering
    college students-- talent is easy
    artist statement i am the greatest artist talent ever
    and i brag and boast and blow very loud on trombone

    i got very famous for making fabulous pens for nm got tons of publicity and drove the bentley to siu carbondale
    where after 3 attempts went into art
    yeah yeah ---fashion shows are a flash
    very much fun and i like to be up close personal and part of the
    scene i also draw paint write poetry do large driftwood structures on the sandbar at mouth of marys river and mississippi river this is my favorite place
    big bigger and mega big earrings that flash in the camera like
    fish lures lightning fireworks cymbal crashes
    oh i can make junky big stuff clunky and barely wearable
    but would rather design works within the ergonomic confines
    of humanity finding that huge sculptures were hard to
    find homes for sometimes the welded steel made out of every piece of junk that the neighborhood kids dragged up
    i made lots of my own toys
    and continue to do so

  2. looking at a painting --this is great or this is slop
    craftsmanship technique mastery of tools
    and technical skills originality
    message story relevance
    standing alone or in relation to
    cultural context -intrinsic valve of materials
    fashion democracy --what is it ????????///////
    conformity protestual revolution evolution devolution
    dyed old new threads
    if it sells = good/// if it doesnt ---ebay !!!!!!!!!!
    ive been here before
    dreams visions rememberings echoes
    in stone i did that
    in paint --i was here -
    touching michangelo's unfinished marble
    my arm quivered
    eyes meeting eyes of louis armstrong
    and a static electric spark
    of an instantaneous soul readout //all emotions at once
    no words can explain music especially
    at the points of brilliant improvisation
    seeing masterpieces hearing whole symphonies
    apart from most separated at the moment
    i floated into the clouds up to the flock of white birds
    ever after understanding the words in a thick black clad book
    fashion seems so frivilous yet it is the poetry
    flickering like the 15 years of good life in la when the fire
    swept up the canyon
    fashion seems so unreal -yet it offers at the moment
    something just only human no ball no sport no war no gun
    no game no score
    a ritual from an anthropological viewpoint
    stars who walk not in the sky or sing on stage
    heroes handsome and beautiful without sirens flashing lights
    or identification badges helmets or weapons systems
    other heroes unseen prepare the creatures
    in a sharing place focused upon one thing
    and one thing only
    fashion democracy lets us share the glory of a
    collective moment
    like a fragrant place in the botanical garden
    our flowers bloom in this way
    couture comes in walking thru the door to be fitted
    exactly to be altered to be made changed
    couture comes in to be individually and personally
    couture comes in the form of a certain taste feel texture
    so in making accessories for a certain specific fashion show
    event --is this an art or to be
    considered an art
    thinking only of the moment
    =a break in flow